Mezcal is the 2nd agave spirit to obtain a Denomination of Origin in Mexico, now encompassing 8 states. This word is derived from Nahuatl words “Metl” and “Ixcalli”, translating to “oven-cooked agave.”  The creation of the Denomination of Origin regulates Mezcal under the Consejo Regulador de Mezcal (CRM) and encompasses spirits made in Durango, Guerrero, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas, Guanajuato (1 municipality), Tamaulipas (11 municipalities), and now Michoacán (29 municipalities). A variety of practices can be used to make Mezcal, but in comparison to tequila, it is typically made with more ancestral technology and in smaller batches. We are focused on celebrating these ancient practices found in Mezcal territory.


"Siembra" is a powerful word.

It is the act of seeding a harvest.

The creation of Siembra Spirits is an invitation to celebrate responsible producers who honor the history, the land and the people of Mexico.

Siembra Spirits is proud to introduce Siembra Metl. Exploring ancestral agave distillates with the same commitment to quality and tradition.

Siembra Metl is a liaison between passionate consumers and Mezcaleros who represent the ancient culture of mezcal in remote regions of Mexico. This relationship is...

The Future of Tradition.


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