Don Mateo

Don Mateo

In 2012, Michoacán became the 8th state in Mexico certified under the Mezcal Denomination of Origin by the CRM, the Regulatory Council of Mezcal. Siembra Spirits is pleased to be importing the first certified Mezcal Michoacáno into the U.S.


Don Mateo is produced by Don Jose Emilio Vieyra Rangel and his son Emilio Vieyra in Pino Bonito, Michoacán. Emilio’s distilling practices go back 5 generations. The Vieyra family cultivates their agaves and produces their spirit between the Rio Balsas basin and the Eje Neo-volcanico de la Sierra Madre del Sur. The fields are at an average of 7,500 ft and the Vinata where the spirit is roasted, macerated, fermented, and distilled sits at 7,050 ft.


Siembra Metl is presenting two expressions from Emilio’s Vinata. One that uses the agave species Cenizo and the other using Cupreata. Both represent the best of Michoacán’s rich tradition of agave distillation.


"Siembra" is a powerful word.

It is the act of seeding a harvest.

The creation of Siembra Spirits is an invitation to celebrate responsible producers who honor the history, the land and the people of Mexico.

Siembra Spirits is proud to introduce Siembra Metl. Exploring ancestral agave distillates with the same commitment to quality and tradition.

Siembra Metl is a liaison between passionate consumers and Mezcaleros who represent the ancient culture of mezcal in remote regions of Mexico. This relationship is...

The Future of Tradition.


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